About Us

We have over a decade of experience executing highly personalized customer interactions for major corporations.

We are passionate problem solvers, and our solutions enable you to rise above the noise — interacting with your customers in ways that they will pay attention to, understand and take action on.

Company Overview

  • Why We Lead

    "Varolii understands our communication strategies. Their proactive customer interactions free our operators up to concentrate on value-add activities, improving customer satisfaction, collections revenue generation, cost containment and, ultimately, profitability."

    Group Vice President

    Default Operations


  • Proven Experience

    Varolii has successfully deployed 2,000+ Customer Interaction Applications for top Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. In fact, 1 out of every 3 Americans has interacted with Varolii through the more than 450 organizations that trust us to engage their customers, patients, members and employees in millions of digital interactions every day.

    Personalized, Timely, and Relevant

    Intelligent Channel Management™ blends voice, text, email and smartphone to ensure customers get the right message at the right time on their channel of choice. Varolii ID™ captures preferences and applies rules-based logic to drive greater value from every interaction.

    Fast to Deploy

    Configurable applications make it easy to solve business problems around high-value processes that impact the customer experience. Varolii provides deep, flexible integration to your back office systems and call center and 24/7 support by Varolii staff, freeing up your IT teams for higher priority projects.

How We Deliver

Our speed of deployment is unparalleled. We operate in the cloud. This means no costly capital expenses or equipment maintenance and fewer burdens on internal IT teams, freeing up valuable internal resources for more critical projects.

See How It Works

"Before Varolii, we had to pull agents off inbound calls to notify passengers, which was devastating to our service levels. With Varolii we automatically inform people of their new itineraries and keep our agents creating revenue."

Manager of Network Operations

Alaska Airlines