May I please see your ID?

Do your customers react to IVR and self-service by saying, “Wow, they really know me”? Building profiles that captures personalization for each customer is a tall order, and it’s expensive. And dialers don’t have the sophistication to analyze customer data in a meaningful way.

Mass Personalization

Varolii makes “mass personalization” possible with Varolii ID™, a rules-based Individual Decisioning (ID) engine that blends the scalability and cost efficiency of automation with the type of personalization gained from one-to-one live interaction.

The Varolii ID Advantage

Varolii ID tracks interaction results and behaviors to create a segmentation strategy of one: targeted personalized communications that generates the best outcome with every interaction. It complements your own analytics, but adds a critical layer: how individual customers respond to different strategies and channels, and how they actually behave during the interaction.



Improves interaction rates. Automatically tracks and captures customer behavior around interactions, and applies these learnings to the next interaction.

Incorporate your customers’ preferences and increase the likelihood they’ll engage.

Reduces contact center costs and improves agent efficiency. Based on interaction data history, you can incorporate less expensive and more effective strategies to specific individuals to get better results.

Fewer attempts mean you spend less and get better results.

Leads to an optimal experience and higher customer satisfaction. Automatically adapt to customer preferences and adjust contact strategies based on prior communications activity and response patterns.

Customers value your messages and will be more receptive to future communications.

Eliminates overlap and siloed communications. Capture data at an individual level across multiple interactions and lines of business.

Avoid multiple and unnecessary interactions with customers, eliminating “communication fatigue” and reducing costs.