Cloud Dialer


A Modern Take on Classic Customer Interaction

The Varolii Interact Cloud Dialer is designed for today's contact center. Delivered from the cloud, the Cloud Dialer provides
best-in-class agent utilization, flexible capacity when you need it, and attractive economics based on usage, not maintenance subscriptions.

Varolii Interact Cloud Dialer

Self-serve and direct-to-agent on one flexible, cloud-hosted platform

Dialers are essential tools in any enterprise business' call center operations, doubling—even tripling—the speed and capacity at which companies can serve their customers. Today, many companies are looking to the cloud for a more affordable, flexible solution to modernize customer outreach.

The Varolii Interact Cloud Dialer unites your automated self-service interactions with a direct-to-live agent option for a more cohesive customer experience on a single platform from one trusted provider.

Benefits of Varolii's unified solution:

  • Integrated Strategy—Blends self-service automation and live agent interaction on one platform. Professionally orchestrated multi-channel communications leads to better reach and engagement. Complete end-to-end solution for customer communications across all stages of lifecycle.

  • Better than On-Premise—Cloud economics means lower operational costs. Fully managed by Varolii; no dedicated IT support needed. Fast deployment. No physical or geographical constraints.

  • Increased Workforce Flexibility—Improves agent utilization and productivity. Supports centralized and remote agents and multiple contact centers. Scale capacity up or down according to seasonality, agent availability, and list penetration. Run simultaneous campaigns with ease.

  • Performance Optimized—Compliant with federal and state calling regulations, landline/cell determination and mobile consent. Reporting and analytics built-in. Fully supported by dedicated client Varolii Professional Services team.