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Varolii Interact Analytics Services offer a full spectrum of business intelligence from self-service reporting and monitoring to predictive analytics models via our analytics team. Whether you're interested in custom reports, trending analysis from peer data, or end-to-end custom business results analysis, our analytics services are unmatched in the industry. They inform organizations about the right interaction at the right time with the right channel mix for stronger performance and more profitable outcomes.

Performance Insight

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Varolii Performance Insight provides deeper insights into customer interactions and contact center performance.

Gain deeper insights into customer interactions with Varolii Performance Insight. Combine customer information with Varolii application results to get a clear picture of how your customer interaction strategy impacts overall outcomes. Ensure optimal performance across all channels with 12 key metric thresholds. See the overall status of your interactions in a single glance through our Key Interactions Dashboard and make adjustments as needed to meet business objectives.


Choose from more than 1,000 Configurable Reports in the variations and formats most suited to your needs via Configurable Reports. Or use Report Creator to design reports from scratch and incorporate your own data for deeper, more meaningful analysis.

Decision Optimization

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Maximize your contact strategies by delivering the right treatment at the right time with Varolii Decision Optimization. This in-depth analytics solution addresses when to treat, how long to treat, who to treat, and how to treat. More importantly, it uses smart, predictive technology to determine the best possible outcomes.

WHAT IT IS. A rich set of analytics and optimizations to identify the best strategies for interacting with different customer segments. Varolii Decision Optimization helps you better define who, when, how, and how long to interact with customers based on a sophisticated mix of scientific methodology, data mining, segmentation, and predictive analytic modeling.

HOW IT WORKS. Decision Optimization leverages customer history and behavioral data to “group” consumers into clusters based on similar personas, making it easier to interact with customers more intuitively and adjust interaction strategy based on preference and desired business outcome.

HOW TO GET IT. Varolii customers have access to Decision Optimization through Professional Services. Our analytics experts work with you to shape strategies that work with your business’ cadence and goals. Steps include discovery and analysis, design of experiment, and model development and implementation.